PT Domestic Services

Argentine Stem Weevil – Dead patches in summer may be the cause of Stem Weevil sucking the nutrients out of your grass. Call us to identify this pests – weevils range from 1ml – 3ml in size, hence tough to see. Controlled spraying can be done to eliminate this pest.

Coring – Professor Turf has its own pedestrian Coring Machine which is specifically designed for home lawns. Not only does this machine help aerate lawns it improves drainage therefore enabling more year round lawn usage.

Dethatching – Ever wondered why your lawn is so spongy, well you may have a dead layer of grass between soil & your actively growing grass. This layer is called thatch. Thatch causes a number of problems, some of them being poor drainage, restriction of fertilizer & water absorption into soil. Our Dethatching machine will remove around 17% of your current thatch layer per treatment.

Fertilizing – Professor Turf has its own blend of fertilizer mix which comprises of Quick & Slow acting products. The application of this fertilizer is very important to ensure even coverage & no burn damage that’s why we use proven fertilizer spreaders for this.

Grass Grub Control – Watch out for these grubs they love feeding on the root system of your grass, once damage occurs you can just roll up your dead grass like carpet – oh dear. Professor Turf will identify these pests & sort them out easily.

Instant Lawn Laying – Dirt today, Lawn tomorrow using our proven turf laying system. We even do the first mow for you & re fertilise.

Lawn FIXation Programmes – Choose from a range of programmes that suit your budget & lawn care requirements. Refer to Lawn FIXation page for more details.

Leveling – Professor Turf will prepare your lawn area for you with the re shaping & contouring of your existing lawn surface.

Moss Control – If Moss is smothering your grass then Professor Turf can help using a proven control method which involves tricking the Moss into having something to eat!! Dethatching is recommended once Moss is dying.

New Lawn Sowing & Over sowing – Our franchise system makes Over sowing or Sowing new lawns a breeze. Using Green Keeping methods our grass seed germination results will create a brand new lawn for you. Again first mow & re fertilising is included.

Porina Caterpillar – Have you ever noticed mounds of soil appearing in your lawn & at the same time wondered where has my grass gone. Well at night time Porina Caterpillar come up to the surface to have their dinner – your grass. Professor Turf will take care of them for you using a controlled spray method.

Rotary Hoeing – At times Rotary Hoeing is required to create suitable levels for your new lawn. Hoeing also relieves compaction from foot or vehicle traffic. Having your lawn area Rotary Hoed prior to new lawn going down is the best encouragement for new root sytems to bind into the soil.

Soil Installation – We can purchase great quality topsoil for your new lawn – even gardens if required. Professor Turf will install the new soil, level & roll - creating a suitable base for your new lawn to be put in.

Soil Testing – Nutrient deficiencies within NZ soils are common. Lab testing of your soil can be done & will be supplied with a Professor Turf nutrient recommendation for you. This is an awesome idea prior to lawn being fixed or new lawn being installed.

Tennis Courts – Professor Turf has built new Grass Tennis courts in the past, so if you have the space & the desire we can help you build your new court today. Maintenance once court is in place can be done by Professor Turf as well.