PT Water Tractors

$150 incl GST & Installation ( where available )

Professor Turf is now supplying the general public with these awesome Lawn Water Tractors. We use these ourselves to assist with lawn establishment & maintaining a healthy lawn.

Water Tractor Specifications

The Water Tractor is self driven via water pressure from you garden hose & follows the hose up & down slopes & around curves over a distance of 30m if required.

Nozzles are adjustable to cover a maximun of 15m wide. Dependant on water pressure.

Has an automatic shut off valve for piece of mind if you happen to forget about it.

Ideal for - Use in strong winds, New lawn establishment, Instant Lawn watering, Gardens& Flower beds, etc.

Far cheaper than an automated pop up irrigation system.

Easy to move & will water where you desire.

Also great for the kids to play under.

Please Note - Water distribution and diameter of coverage are all affected by water pressure, nozzle angle, length and diameter of hose.